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Meet Randy

Randy is a husband of 32 years, father of 3 and grandfather of 3. He and his wife, Cathi have lived, worked and raised their family in Arizona for nearly 3 decades, and currently live on their family homestead in Waddell, AZ. They met in Randy’s hometown of Chicago but moved back to AZ when their girls were toddlers– just as her parents did and her grandparents did for 2 generations before them. Bringing Midwest values of faith and freedom back to the Valley of the Sun to raise their family in a state known for its independence and love of liberty. 


Randy’s love of country has compelled him to service on more than one occasion. He joined the Marine Corps at 17 while still in high school, the first in his family to ever enlist, and served with distinction, earning 2 meritorious promotions, and climbing to the rank of Sergeant (E-5) in 27 months.


After the Marine Corps, and feeling called into ministry for a season, Randy attended Moody Bible Institute, where he met Cathi. He later finished his undergrad from Wheaton College and his MBA from the University of Phoenix.


As Randy and Cathi put down roots in Arizona, and with a conviction of education freedom, they poured themselves into the pioneering realm of homeschooling their children. This path brought them great exposure to, and love of our country’s rich history and a deep awareness of the precious blood spilt by those who bought and fought to gain and preserve our freedom. That awareness was even more profound as they were passing this history on to their next generation, and with a sense of duty to ensure this freedom was not squandered.


Randy recounts the pivotal moment where his interest in Congress first emerged. In July of 2002, Cathi came home from the homeschool convention and declared, “Trent Franks is running for Congress… and we need to help him.As they got involved in Trent’s campaign, Randy saw first-hand how one’s faith convictions and moral compass can be applied in the public square to defend all that is good and right and righteous (like the sanctity of human life or religious freedom) and to stand against all that is wrong and wicked (like human trafficking or a blatant disregard for human life at any stage). Randy was inspired and went on to work for former Congressman Trent Franks for 8 years, five of which were as Trent’s Chief of Staff in Washington, D.C.


In addition to working in Congress, Randy has had many iterations of his career – considering himself a serial entrepreneur – these various businesses have all fed into one reality for him, as he likes to say, “I have always been in the people business.” From running his own mobile coffee cart in college, to restoring vintage military aircraft, from starting a K-12 education training products company, to writing his own curriculum for corporate negotiators… for him, it has and always will be about people.


And it’s no different in Congress.


Like many of you, Randy loves his family, his country and his freedom. Sadly, these are all under assault in our country today. After serving in the Marine Corps and working in the US Congress, he didn’t think he would ever return to public service. But these last few years have demonstrated that the forces of change have not let up. And just like you, he doesn’t like the direction we’re headed and, sadly, he sees a glaring lack of effective leadership to get our country back on course.


In reflecting on today’s political landscape, Randy states, “When I look at who is representing my interests in Government, I like to ask: Do they have good ideas and are they good people? That litmus test has seemed to work well in the past as I decide who to support in politics. But over the last few years, I have added a third criteria to my calculus and it is this question… are they effective? Are they able to work in the current political environment effectively? It’s one thing to have good ideas and be a good person, but how one conducts themselves in public office impacts effectiveness. Sadly, I think there is a deficiency in this category when I look at a lot of public leaders today and it is impacting the direction of
our country.


Randy is running for Congress to change this ominous direction we are heading and get us back on track. If you entrust him with the job of representing your interests in Congress, he will bring principled, effective leadership and fight for you: to hold our government accountable, get them out of your daily lives and let you get back to what you love most and what God has given to you… Your family, your friends, your freedom, your life.


God bless you and thank you for supporting Randy Kutz for Congress!

On The Issues


Scroll down to see a brief statement of where Randy stands on key issues.

Border Security:

Biden’s open border policy has caused a record number of illegal immigrants to pour into our country. 2 million illegal immigrants were apprehended by Customs and Border Protection last year, with an estimated 400,000 evading arrest and deportation. So far this year, apprehensions are up a whopping 2,400 percent in the Yuma sector alone. This is an invasion, and the consequences have been devastating to Arizona and our country. Fentanyl overdoses are now the #1 cause of death among U.S. adults ages 18-45, due to Mexican cartels smuggling in most of the fentanyl into the country. This has become a national emergency. To keep Arizona and our country safe, Randy’s plan is to finish the border wall, equip and bolster our border patrol and most importantly, bring legislative solutions by updating our Asylum Laws – a major source of the problem – to prevent illegitimate asylum claims and to prevent claims if migrants traversed a safe 3rd country.  

National Security, Military & Veterans:

It’s been 20 years since this District was represented by a Veteran. As a Marine, Randy understands the needs of Veterans and the importance of  ensuring our fighting forces are at full strength with the best technology and equipment in the world to defend against our enemies. Of utmost importance is protecting the mission, legacy and amazing partnership of Luke Air Force Base, Yuma MCAS and the surrounding communities. 

Inflation & the Economy:

Inflation just hit 8+%, the highest rate since 1982. This is due in large part to unnecessary lockdowns and the shutting down of our economy by crazy policies like “No Jab-No Job”. Now we’re seeing a supply chain crisis, and Americans are being hit with rising food costs, empty shelves at the supermarkets and soaring gas prices. The Biden Administration’s plan is to increase the debt limit and increase taxes, which will only further our misery.   Randy’s plan is to get rid of burdensome regulations so businesses can get back to work, reduce federal spending, and support legislation to balance the budget.


Randy believes life begins at conception and all life is precious. To that end, he will defend the preborn, the elderly, and our most vulnerable citizens. Since Roe v Wade was handed down in 1973, nearly 63.5 million babies have been aborted. Randy will work to make it easier for couples to adopt, and will continue to support pregnancy centers for women in crisis.

1st Amendment:

The 1st Amendment is what largely separates America from nearly every other country. And it is under assault at every point, undermining our very national identity and individual liberty. Randy swore an oath when joining the Marine Corps to defend these freedoms and will continue to fight for them in Congress.

2nd Amendment:

Randy is pro 2nd Amendment and will protect your constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and your right to self-defense because legitimate self-defense is NOT a crime. Bad ideas and bad legislation (like anti-gun or national registries) do not fix bad people from doing bad things. Responsible gun owners should not be punished for the unlawful actions of criminals. 

Education Freedom:

Parents should have the right to send their children to the school of their choice, be it public, private, online, or homeschool. Education should be a concern at a local level, not run by federal bureaucrats. Parents also have a right to be involved in choosing their child’s curriculum and should have a voice at their school board meetings to stop the madness of CRT indoctrination of our children. Randy believes in using tax credits to fund private and parochial education for parents who opt out of the public system. Every child should have the opportunity to learn and grow in the education setting that best suits their individual needs.

Election Integrity:

Randy is against the federalizing of our elections, which would allow illegal immigrants to vote and use taxpayer money to fund candidates. It would also allow ballot harvesting, which is a sure way to enable election fraud. We need regular audits at the state level, states need to clean up their voter rolls, and ballots should only be mailed to those who request one. An overwhelming majority of Americans favor using voter ID, which will help to restore faith in our election process.

Water & Natural Resources:

Arizona is a haven of natural resources, most notable is the Colorado River which provides water to two nations, and to users within seven western states. We are in a long-term drought at a time when demand is at an all-time high. While there are current policies in place to address the drought in the interim, there are also a lot of good ideas being discussed to address our long-term needs for new water sources, from desalination to pipelines. Arizona needs smart policies and stewardship that doesn’t pit communities against each other. The role of the Federal Government is to facilitate not dictate. Randy pledges to listen, learn and lead on these issues that Arizona citizens and community groups have been focused on for generations. 

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What and Where is the New 9th Congressional District?

With the 10 year census, there are NEW District Lines and NEW District Numbers. The NEW CD-9 is combining parts of CD-3 (Maricopa County: Buckeye, Goodyear) CD-4 (Mohave, Yuma, La Paz & Maricopa County: Buckeye, Wickenburg, etc.) and parts of CD-8 (Maricopa County: Surprise, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, El Mirage, Youngtown, Waddell, etc.). You can see the new map and put your address in to confirm you are in the NEW CD-9 by clicking HERE .