Kutz For Congress

Republican Candidate for Arizona’s NEW 9th Congressional District

Endorse Randy


Hello Friends,


It is a precious honor for me to write this letter of support and endorsement of my cherished friend Randy Kutz and his campaign for U.S. Congress in Arizona’s new CD-9.


I have been privileged to know Randy for 20 years and his wife Cathi for nearly twice as long. They are the salt of the earth and the kind of valiant people our country desperately needs today. Randy’s Christian character and constitutional conservative values are the foundation of who he is and how he will lead in Washington. I can say this with the deepest conviction, since Randy was a member of my congressional staff for 8 years when I was a member of Congress, and 5 of those years Randy served alongside me as my Chief of Staff in D.C.


Randy is no stranger to the environment on Capitol Hill. I know he is going to serve and fight for all the right reasons: Love of country and love of his family and a deep desire to help put America back on track. As a Marine Corps veteran, Randy knows, as only a noble few know, the meaning of service to our nation, and he will bring that same valiant fight to Washington on your behalf. He will be a courageous champion and a protector of our most vulnerable and helpless on the issues of life, he will defend your God given and constitutionally guarded liberties, and he will be an unapologetic advocate for a strong national defense and supporter of our troops and our Veterans.


Perhaps more than ever before, America needs effective and principled leadership in the halls of Congress. Extreme agendas from the left are unrelenting in their pursuit of forever altering our national identity. The politics of the left are destroying us from within. Randy deeply understands that, and he will bring thoughtful, measured, and constructive leadership to the job. I encourage you to support him in every possible way you are able to do so. Randy Kutz comes with the highest recommendation I know how to give.


Your support is vital now. It is urgent and essential to ensure he can effectively get his message out. Please pledge your support at any level and together let’s send this noble, principled Marine to the United States Congress.


May God bless you and all you love.


Trent Franks

United States Congress 2003 – 2017



I  have known Randy for several years.  I have been impressed with his personal, family, and church life.  It has been my pleasure to personally observe his relationship with his dear wife Cathi, his children, and the many in our church family both young and old.  He is an outstanding leader and will undoubtedly serve those well in the new CD-9.  I find it easy to give Randy my full and unequivocal endorsement to represent those in this district with integrity and honor.

The Rev. Bill Phillips
Pastor Emeritus, Fellowship of Grace Church